Friday, August 22, 2003

* On the top of each peak you are on the edge of the abyss
* Everything has already been discovered. There is virgin ground only in the neighborhood of banality.
- Stanislaw J.Lec -
Hope is the normal look of delirium
- Emile M.Cioran -
* Solo chi non ha fame è in grado di giudicare la qualità del cibo
Only who is not hungry can judge the quality of the food
* Una maniera per farsi notare è l'assenza
A way to be noticed is the absence
* Ottimista è chi ritiene che le cose non possano andare peggio di come vanno
Optimist is the one who thinks that things cannot be worse of what they are
- Alessandro Morandotti -
La cosa più dura: tornare sempre a scoprire ciò che già si sa.
The hardest thing: to always find out what you already know.
- Elias Canetti -
Only who is very unhappy can pity someone else.
- Ludwig Wittgensten -
* To be perfect, she missed only a defect.
* Good opinions don't have any value. What matters is who have them.
- Karl Kraus -
Women are capable of everything, men of all the rest.
- Henri De Regnier -
* Truth should be in the middle. Not at all, only in the depth.
* Listen your calumniators, you will learn the truth about you.
- Arthur Schnitzler -